Enter Fate Pendulum

image If you attended Ninja-Con 2014, you’ll probably notice that your badge had artwork placed between our logo and your attendee status, such as Attendee, Staff, Guest, and many more. Each one was different, and if you were lucky, you got more than one type of badge. They looked collectible, but more so, they were inviting. Yes, you beautiful attendees, you’re invited!

Ninja-Con is presenting more events this year. Something different, some fun! LIVE THEATRE! Produced by Drift Plume, Azure Lorica’s local production team, we are bringing the community entertainment and culture. The story: Fate Pendulum’s Project Italy. The cast: phenomenal! For a sneak peek, Drift Plume has published excerpts on YouTube. Watch a performance by The Jon Allen below.

For more info, please visit: fatependulum.com


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