Welcome Our Featured Cosplayers

In this year’s Ninja-Con, we are proud to announce our Featured Cosplayers as Guests of Honor!


A group of African American cosplayers that reside in Southern California composed of 4 talented individuals: Ginger Burton, Brittney Angel, Deanna McRae, and Ashphord ‘Ashi-chan’ Jacoway.


They attend conventions all over the country holding panels on cosplay diversity. You might have seen them at such conventions as Anime Expo, Fanime, and Katsucon. During their trip to Katsucon, they participated in the World Cosplay Summit where they received Top 10 which later created a documentary of their cosplay adventure to make it to World Cosplay Summit.



Originally from the east coast and now residing in the great Los Angeles area. Dustbunny has been in convention scene for over 10 years and is an award winning cosplayer. She is cosplay costume judge and was was a Cosplay Senpai at Anime Expo 2015.

Dustbunny has a genuine heart for making costumes and the will to support anyone who has the desire for cosplaying.


Nana Bear

Nana Bear began cosplaying in 2009. Her first cosplay was Edward from Cowboy Bebop and her passion grew from there. Huge supporter of body positivity, panelist and comedy enthusiast. She attends most conventions taking place in Southern California and loves meeting her fans.


Sarah Storm

An uprising cosplayer from Southern California. She has been cosplaying for a solid 5 years making her first cosplay debuit at Anime Expo. She became very practical with sewing and later learned to craft armor with wonder flex.

“Cosplay is a part of me now and I dont know where i would be without it.” – Sarah Storm


Catch our Featured Cosplayers at Ninja-Con 2016!

June 4, 2016 | Saturday | ninja-conla.org
244 S. San Pedro St. Los Angeles, CA 90013



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