Earliest Bird Special!!!

Ninja-Con is excited to return to Little Tokyo next year, and we’ve got more surprises ahead of us. As we grow, the community grows, and the fans grow through more panels, better guests, and a whole lot of music and cosplay!

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This year (2016), we had amazing celebrities, such as Richard Epcar, Darrel Guilbeau, and Stephanie Nadolny join us. An array of musical guests and animators, and fashionistas made a beautiful debut, just for the fans we serve. Throughout this journey as a nonprofit, a convention, and as fellow fans ourselves, we can’t help but want to continue giving you – the people who helped us make this happen – a chance to get your seats early for Ninja-Con 2017.

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Tickets: $15  |  General Admission

Ninja-Con | June 10, 2016 | Little Tokyo Arts District, CA
Japanese Cultural & Community Center | 244 S. San Pedro St. | Los Angeles, CA

Catch our Earliest Bird Special Now!

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