Community Center Building

Ninja-Con 2015 Community Center Building Entrance

The Community Center Building of the JACCC is where all of our panels, gaming and information help is held at during Ninja-Con. Restroom are located on all floors except the 1st floor lobby area. Please read below on a full breakdown on what is going on

Panel Rooms

This years Ninja-Con we have a total of 3 Live programming (LP) rooms. From displaying videos presentations to meet & chat with our guests. Our 3 rooms are located on 3 separate floors. LP1 is located on the base floor next to the Garden Area, LP2 is on the first floor inside the Dozeki Gallery which is by the main entrance and LP3 is on the fifth floor inside the Cultural Room. All floor have stairs and elevator access.

Click here to view our 2016 Programming

Gaming Room

Battle out your friend or team up with anyone available in our gaming room. Located on the bottom level inside the JACCC, we will have tournaments running and free play for those who want to casually play. Check out our program guide for tournament schedule


Please check out Love Formula, an anime-themed card drafting game for 2 to 4 players in which you attempt to set up couples you support on their perfect date, while sabotaging the efforts of your opponents to do the same.

U-Space Ukuleles & Coffee Shop


Need a quick coffee pick me up or a place to relax? Be sure to check out U-Space for a cup of their amazing coffee. If you have a taste in music and curious about ukeleles? Be sure to ask someone that works at the shop to check out their in house instruments.

Convention Operations

Our Convention Operations (Con-ops) is the spine support of Ninja-Con. Any problems with a staff and/or attendee, lost something at a panel or just questions, please visit our office that is located next to U-Space. We also have a convention medic that can help with simple first aid help.


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