cropped-cropped-nclogo24.pngABOUT US
A small-scale convention sharing the many popular elements and attractions featured in larger conventions, inviting everyone to enjoy and interact with a friendly and passionate community. Ninja-Con’s focus is to allow and encourage group participation in the many featured events held in reserved live programming rooms. Events will be run by popular cosplay professionals and anime enthusiasts who are willing to discuss and share their hobbies with anime and culture fans new and old.

Ninja-Con’s friendly atmosphere will welcome new con-goers and convention veterans alike. From special guests to concerts, Ninja-Con will have something in store for everyone.

Ninja-Con adheres to the fans, and giving everyone a full introduction to the liveliness of this friendly subculture. Along with our featured guests, we invite you to enjoy the following activities of our humble convention: 

Vendor Booths and Artist Alley
We welcome artists and local businesses to partake in the festivals as vendors. Each year, space measurements change, so please subscribe or follow us via social media for updated registration.

Fan Panels
Panel rooms are available for fans to create their own event within Ninja-Con. Many of these panels have been used to screen films, start group discussions, and workshops. Subscribe or follow us via social media for updated registration.

Cosplay Arena
Whether a fashion show or an open space, Ninja-Con reserves a spotlight for Cosplayers attending our event. No registration necessary, please subscribe or follow us via social media for more info.


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