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Early Bird Special! FFA Discounts

It’s time for you film makers to show what you’re made of! Ninja-Con is hosting this amazing event, and it needs you to make it a reality!


The Unstoppable Ninja-Con!


Photography by Ivans Photography – Visit: ninja-conla.org

Ninja-Con 2014 has just finished its amazing convention in the Little Tokyo Arts District of Los Angeles! From the JACCC to Miyako Hotel, Ninja-Con brought the community together by doing what the founders promised: bringing what the big Conventions have to the locals – affordably and indiscriminately. Everyone had an equal chance to host their own Panel (both Celebrities and Fans), the local businesses thrived (especially Q Pop and Anime Jungle), and families felt safe to bring their children and enjoy the festivity!

Though only for one day, Ninja-Con has been able to build a wonderful community – from the talented artists to its fashionable patrons – a local anime convention has never been so strong. And because of this great community, Ninja-Con will continue to serve the fans with more events! Revealing this year’s Convention are the two new branches of Ninja-Con’s nonprofit organization, Azure Lorica, are Drift Plume and Triskele Press. The production team of Drift Plume are producing shows for the fans, while Triskele Press is publishing press releases by the fans! Along with our events, the community can come together and make fandom not just a hobby, but a movement. We have always been about the Arts, and along with our love for the shows and games and community, we’ll be able to collaborate them into something we all can share.

We will be doing more shows, more events, and even better, we are inviting you to collaborate with us. Further details are coming soon. So please, be on the look out!

Because Ninja-Con is nothing without its community. And the community deserves quality. So this is us, this is our service. This is for you, our beautiful community. Prepare for the rest of 2014.

This is Ninja-Con.